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Our Story

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Chef Jordan Marano


Jordan is a Miami native growing up in a Italian/Jewish family it was all about Friday night and Sunday dinners after church, watching everything Grandma and Nonna did that brought the family around the table. 


His dreams were to be a professional football player but with a high school injury change the course. His first weekend job was at 16 as a bus boy at Runway 84 under the watchful eye of Anthony Bruno, Jordan then realized he loved the restaurant business and went on to graduate the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY. From there he went on to do an internship with Michael Mina at Aqua in San Francisco where he was awarded best cooking competition of all interns. Jordan then went on to Pacific Time with Jonathan Eismann, going back to NY to lead the Kitchen in China Grill NY and Tuscan Steak Miami. He then took his talents to lead the award winning Rosa Mexicano South Beach where he was awarded Chef of the year for the company along with multiple awards until 2016. 


Which lead him upon opening Ella’s Oyster Bar which he felt Miami needed an oyster bar that was affordable and paid homage to the City of Miami that he loves, there was no better place to do that then Calle Ocho and his proud that Ella’s has been one of the pioneer restaurants to lead the resurgence of what Calle Ocho has now become for restaurants where in 2017 there weren’t many other then cuban restaurants along Calle Ocho. He knew Ella’s would lead the way and change that, being written up in numerous articles, winning Best Raw bar in Miami. We are now proud to see Ella’s at the Hard Rock Stadium inside of Liv, 245 club suites for Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, All concerts, Miami Open and Formula one. Ella’s your Miami Oyster Bar.


Chef Ervin Bryant


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Ervin Bryant's culinary journey was deeply rooted in his upbringing in Homestead, FL. From a young age, Ervin was immersed in the vibrant culture of food, spending Sundays at his grandmother's house, where the entire family gathered to cook and share in the joy of a hearty meal. It was here that Ervin developed his passion for cooking and learned the value of family bonds—a lesson he holds dear and aims to instill in his own children.

Ervin's professional journey as a chef began after he graduated from the Southeastern Culinary Training Center in Kissimmee, FL. With a solid foundation in culinary arts, he embarked on a career that would see him rise through the ranks in some of Miami's most renowned establishments.

For a decade, Ervin honed his skills at Pacific Time restaurant, where he quickly distinguished himself and earned the esteemed position of head chef within just three years—an accomplishment that marked a significant milestone in his career. This success paved the way for further achievements as he continued to excel in leading roles at establishments such as Morgans Restaurant, Blue Collar, and the Shelborne Hotel.

Beyond his professional achievements, Ervin's life is enriched by his family and personal passions. He cherishes moments spent fishing and traveling, finding inspiration in nature and diverse cuisines from around the world. Above all, his greatest pride and joy are his children, Matheo and Summer, who serve as constant reminders of the importance of family and the legacy he hopes to impart to future generations.

With a blend of culinary expertise, dedication to family values, and a zest for life's adventures, Ervin Bryant continues to make his mark in the culinary world, leaving a legacy built on passion, skill, and the enduring bonds of family.


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