Jordan and Ervin worked together at Pacific Time in 2001 where they were both starting out as ambitious line cooks, they push each other then to be better and they push each other now, they loved that 20 years later they have partnered up to full fill a dream of owning a restaurant together that they always spoke about. They definitely believe in the old saying “Two heads are better then one”.

Chef Ervin Bryant


Ervin grew up in Homestead, FL surrounded by his large family. On Sundays, they would have big cookouts and he would watch as his mother, grandmother and aunt would get to work in the kitchen. Ervin's mother and father are from the South, Mississippi, and Georgia respectively, so iron skillet cornbread was always a staple. He learned early on that cooking made him happy so he pursued his passion. Ervin's first kitchen job was at an Olive Garden while attending the Southeastern Culinary Training Center in Kissimmee, FL. Starting as a dishwasher and leaving as Head Chef, and would repeat this pattern of ladder-climbing over his career. After graduating from Culinary School, he spent 10 years at Pacific Time restaurant on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, working under Chef Jonathan Eismann as Sous Chef for three years. His determination and work ethic are unparalleled, and he held the title of Executive Chef at four Miami restaurants over the course of six years - Grass Lounge, Q American BBQ, The Shelbourne Hotel Morgan's Restaurant and Blue Collar. 

Ervin's lengthy and varied experience allows him to be just as comfortable making bubby's latkes as he is being a pitmaster. He couldn't imagine doing anything else, “we're so close to the ocean and so close to all the farms in Homestead, we have everything a chef could ever want. He is also a talented vocalist, he sings, “I love to cook, it's so much fun!" in the kitchen all day long. Ervin and his wife Marie have a 5-year-old son Matheo and a 2-year-old baby girl named Summer who is the new edition to the family. To Ervin family is everything and he said he looks forward to passing the knowledge to his kids about life.

Chef Jordan Marano



Jordan is a Miami native growing up in an Italian/Jewish family it was all about Friday night and Sunday dinners after church, watching everything Grandma and Nonna did that brought the family around the table. His dreams were to be a professional football player but with a high school, injury changed the course. His first-weekend job was at 16 as a busboy at Runway 84 under the watchful eye of Anthony Bruno, Jordan then realized he loved the restaurant business and went on to graduate the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY. From there he went on to do an internship with Michael Mina in Aqua where he was awarded best cooking competition of all interns, Jordan then went on to Pacific Time with Jonathan Eismann, going back to NY to lead the Kitchen in China Grill NY and Tuscan Steak Miami, he wound up leading the award-winning Rosa Mexicano South Beach till 2016. Which lead him upon opening Ella’s Oyster Bar which he felt Miami needed an oyster bar that was affordable and paid homage to the City of Miami that he loves, there was no better place to do that then Calle Ocho and his proud that Ella’s has been one of the pioneer restaurants to set up shop in the resurgent and vibrant Calle Ocho.

Chef Rashad Sealey

Sushi Chef


Rashad was born in Panama and moved to Miami when he was 11 years old, he always wanted to be a scientist which explains his passion in the kitchen chefs are scientist and sushi is science with a twist of art. Rashad is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and honed is skills at some of Miami’s best restaurants Michaels Genuine, Sugar Cane and River oyster bar. Rashad brings Kome Aji Sushi to Ella’s oyster bar where his talents are on full display, shucking oysters and making innovative sushi in front of the guest. He loves taking care of the guest and making people fill at home. And no better place to do it then in the heart of Little Havana.

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